RTCNW 2018  |  Event Vendors

Come out to support some stellar businesses, artists, and ministries at rock the Church Northwest.

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DAS Audio  ||  2018 Pro Audio Sponsor


Our gear of choice for RTCNW 2018 is provided by DAS Audio. We hope you enjoy these outstanding speakers. Want to know how you can bring this pro gear to your facility or event? Contact Judson Bartels of Quincy Owen Solutions, our sound engineer and on-site DAS Audio rep, to schedule a consultation.


OnePro Avl  ||  2018 Pro Audio & Lighting Sponsor


Darren Chilson, owner of One Pro AVL, takes the brain work out of your event by evaluating the space for highest and best use, and designing staging and lighting to bring your event to life. Over the years, Darren has worked with many production companies in Seattle and has incorporated the best attributes of each one to provide you with exceptional customer service and reliability. You can relax and know that the event you plan will go smoothly with the expertise and commitment to excellence with One Pro AVL.


Quincy Owen Solutions  ||  2018 PARTNER & Sponsor


In addition to providing stage management and sound production for our events over the years, Pastor Judson Bartels of Sound Church has been an irreplaceable part of executing the unique vision of Rock the Church Northwest in 2018. We're proud to be partnered with Judson's consulting firm, Quincy Owen Solutions, and have nothing but the highest praise for his invaluable support and skill set as we pave the way for RTCNW.


Grapevine Ecclesia  ||  2018 Partner & Sponsor


Grapevine Ecclesia is a home church with a large ministry built by generous people with open hearts for reaching out with the love of Christ. Pastors Sam and Kathy Jo have steadfast hearts and minds that endure whatever God asks of them. The most important thing to know about Grapevine is that wherever you're coming from, you're welcome here — scars and all.


BentBeat Productions  ||  2018 Partner & Sponsor


BentBeat is a focused music and media production/publishing company based in the Portland area.We're excited to welcome Dave Beatty and Jozi Bently to the RTCNW team this year. Visit their "Green Room," enter the songwriting contest, and be sure to stop by their booth to meet them and see how they can assist you with your sound recording and publishing projects.


Sound Church  ||  2018 Partner & Sponsor


The community is legit. At Sound Church, you can "Belong before you believe." What we mean is that you don't have to know everything about the Bible or what it means to be a Christian before you can attend and participate. We are convinced that anyone who spends time in the presence of God is going to feel His love and will come to a point of decision. Our culture is inclusive, not exclusive. You are welcome, REALLY.


Music Matters Mobile App  ||  2018 Sponsor


Music Matters is something that musicians, vocalists and bands need  to stay connected, find what they need, and fulfill that need.  We're all about connecting you as a band or someone who wants to play for a band. Need a bass player? Look here. Need a vocalist? We have a list of these, too. Connect with the musicians and vocalists that you need. Maybe you’re a musician and need a gig to play at. This is your place.


A & D Upholstery  ||  2018 Sponsor


Angie West of A & D Upholstery specializes in the restoration and re-upholstery of furniture, boats, and RVs. She is well known for my custom made slipcovers. She sells fabric, foam, and most any other upholstery need you might have! She would love to become your personal upholsterer!


Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program with foundations firmly established in Biblical truth. The 12 Steps with accompanying Scriptures and the 8 Principles based on the Beatitudes offer participants a clear path of salvation and discipleship; bringing hope, freedom, sobriety, healing, and the opportunity to give back one day at a time through our one and only true Higher Power, Jesus Christ.

We would like to say a special thanks to our local Canyon Creek CR family for volunteering in the Food Court and donating all proceeds to help raise money to keep Rock the Church Northwest FREE!


CMA #42: King's Riders  ||  2018 Partner & Sponsor


King's Riders comprise Chapter 42 of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. The basic purpose of a CMA Chapter is to support the National CMA effort of “sharing and showing the love of Jesus Christ to motorcyclists,” and supporting this ministry through regular financial support to the National CMA.

In this, there is a three-fold purpose: Provide and encourage members to be active in testimony and Christian witnessing to all motorcyclists; Provide a Christian fellowship ride group; and Provide an evangelistic association for motorcycling.


DeCamp Chiropractic Clinic  ||  2018 Sponsor


Dr. Brandon DeCamp is a Washington native who grew up in the Wenatchee Valley. After attending Washington State University, Dr. DeCamp completed his post graduate studies at the renowned Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. While there, he met his wife, Dr. Elise, who is also a chiropractor, and together they have three beautiful and rambunctious children, Harper, Blakely and Dawson. In his free time, Dr. DeCamp enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

DeCamp Chiropractic Clinic is proud to sponsor a gift of health for the RTCNW 2018 silent auction, and we hope to truly bless whoever is meant to receive it. Through our unique approach, we're able to measure your spine's stability and posture, and we conduct a very specific test to determine the amount of correction we expect to obtain.  All of this is done before you even start treatment. This way we can give you the best outcome projection possible, which enables you to decide if this approach to health and healing is right for you.


Garden Spot Nursery  ||  2018 Sponsor


Marcy Plattner first started working with plants over thirty-five years ago, during the Christmas season, with her mother and sister Karol. They gathered greens and tied wreaths in Marcy’s garage, selling them to neighbors, at church bazaars and the Allied Arts craft fairs. She loved working outdoors and enjoyed the creativity of wreath-making “Weaving in a bit of this or that on a wreath to give it a different look.” She began to look for ways to extend her ‘working season.'

Voted not only Best in the Northwest four years running, the Garden Spot Nursery was also voted Best in Bellingham six years running. They offer fantastic indoor and outdoor plants, planters, garden art, herbs, perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, gifts large and small, stepping stones, books, wind chimes, classes... And so much more. 


Gospel International Outreach


At Gospel International Outreach, we are committed to a single goal; we strive to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and see lives added to the kingdom of God. We are a private, non-profit organization dedicated to finding volunteers to answer the call to lay down their lives to help those around the world come to know their father who loves them, while developing meaningful relationships with them. It's through prayer meetings, conferences, and bible study groups—both big and small—that a nation can learn and overcome their social, economical, and spiritual strongholds.


Hair by Roman  ||  2018 Sponsor


Roman Wadsworth is an amazing stylist, master colorist, and all around wonderful human being. To him, hair is a palette, and he has found a way to make a trip to get your hair done an event to look forward to.  Whether over a hot tea or a glass of wine, he will trade stories with you and find a way to bring out your inner beauty. You will know from the time you arrive that you are in the company of someone God loves and who loves God in return.

Roman is a treasured friend of Pastor Kathy Jo, and she has asked if he would support RTCNW by offering one lucky person the chance to truly know what a salon experience should be: a time to exercise a healthy dose of self care and enjoy a much-needed moment of peace in the midst of life's chaos.


Jam the Hype  ||  2018 Sponsor


Jam the Hype is a ministry of Urban Youth Workers Institute and Rain on Me Productions, LLC, that features the creativity of urban music that glorifies God. JTH has a 24/7 streaming radio station, live streams of their events, and a creative way to have a community that can celebrate the craft of urban music. RTCNW hopes that, by building a strong relationship with JTH, we can be a part of this prolific and passionate community of artists who desire to share the message of hope, faith, truth, reconciliation, trials, and might even put before you something honest that will challenge what you think and how you feel about what you hear.  We thank them for providing wise counsel, encouragement, and a live stream of Friday night's events.


JC Music Connection  ||  2018 Partner


JC Music Connection provides pro audio services and live entertainment. The work we produce is predominantly Christian, but even what is secular is clean and family friendly.


Joe's Gardens  ||  2018 Sponsor


Joe’s Gardens is located in Bellingham and has been offering quality fruits and vegetables since 1933. At Joe's, the products vary with the seasons, with everything picked at its peak of ripeness and flavor. In fact, they have generously donated a basket of fantastic produce for our silent auction!

For over 25 years, Joe's Gardens has produced the finest produce by not using pesticides or herbicides on their fields. They believe that a healthy plant is a strong plant that can sustain itself against diseases and insects. A healthy, strong plant is developed with proper nutrition, monitored watering, and weeding the surrounding area by hand.


Kevin Kieneker Images  ||  2018 Sponsor


Kevin is a local musician, painter, and passionate follower of Jesus who is joining us this year as as a painter, but will return next year as both a painter and performing musician. He has many local followers as a uniquely gifted guitarist, specializing in percussive fingerstyle technique. We at RTCNW hope to be instrumental in helping him get his CD ready for upcoming events.  

In addition to his art and musicianship, his photography and the ability to capture the power of God will be an exciting addition to our ministry as he begins to put these images together in a manner that he can share with our guests.  Be sure to stop by and welcome him, and you can bet he'll gladly share his heart and joy to encourage God’s people with you.


LFE Apparel  ||  2018 Partner & Sponsor


LFE Apparel is a Christian clothing company with a mission to inspire you to no longer live in bondage but LIVE FREE EVERY DAY through Jesus. We're happy to welcome LFE Apparel as our official clothing partner and discount provider of RTCNW merchandise. Come prepared to see some great designs that represent and celebrate living with freedom in Christ.


Lions Clubs: N. Everett & Mill Creek  ||  2018 Sponsors


Lions around the world are united by a great spirit of giving and dedication to helping others. As the official charitable organization of Lions Clubs International, a leading humanitarian organization, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) supports Lions’ compassionate works by providing grant funding for their local and global humanitarian efforts. LCIF helps Lions improve peoples’ lives around the world, from combating vision problems to responding to major catastrophes to providing valuable life skills to youth.

The North Everett and Mill Creek Lions Clubs are generously sponsoring this year’s food permit expenses and offering concessions at the event.


Pacific Northwest Hybrid  ||  2018 Sponsor


Your hybrid is not a normal vehicle, so it deserves better than a normal mechanic. Trust your automobile with specialists who offer a comprehensive line of hybrid-specific, maintenance and repair services designed to keep your vehicle running like new. We pride ourselves on quality services that improve the performance of your hybrid including scheduled battery maintenance, conditioning, and cleaning.


Pacific Tents  ||  2018 Partner & Sponsor


Pacific Tents covers us in prayer AND in tents. They are the official prayer and facilities partner of RTCNW, and we'd be stuck out in the beating sun without them. Pastor James Moir has been by our side making this event possible since joining us in 2014. We can't thank him and his team enough for their support.

From tents to toilets, Pacific Tents does it all! Contact Pastor James Moir through RTCNW to get a bid for your next event.




Since 1974, more than 80,000 believers in North America and 20,000 more around the world have taken the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. Each year, about 200 classes are hosted in churches and community centers around the country. Our vision at Perspectives is to see the body of Christ awakened to pursue the fulfillment of God’s global purpose within every people for His glory.


Rock City Coffee CoMPANY  ||  2018 Partner & Sponsor


Serving the best freshly roasted espresso in the Silver Lake area, Rock City Coffee Company is the exclusive coffee provider for RTCNW 2018!  Rock City's founders—Pastor Chris Dayton (drummer of Ri3, performing Friday night) and his amazing wife, Jill—have figured out how to put LOVE in everything they serve. With a full espresso stand menu and a great selection of deli treats and quick meals to go, this local business will bless you with a fast drive-through experience or you can park your car and join them on the patio for a great chat about life, God, or whatever's on your mind. Their staff is fantastic and always make sure you have a great product every time.


Strokes of Faith


My work aims to reflect the greatness, goodness, and sovereignty of God in our world, our everyday travels, experiences, and giftings in various forms of art. I'll be painting on site and will have art available for purchase.


Turning Circles


Justin the Circler has dedicated his life to learning the ancient craft of pure or sacred geometry and its endless related topics. A naturalist, philosopher, mathematician, inventor, carpenter, and artist, he has emerged a messenger and teacher.  He has developed what he and others have found to be an effective equation for an exciting and educational experience combining art and geometry with active individual and group participation. It’s his take on the ancient craft of  “Geo-Scribing.”

Enthusiastic participants often find their experiences are memorable, while the art created ranges from fairly simple to spectacularly complex. It’s all fleeting thought, as the next high tide washes away the beach art, just as the next rainfall removes the versions done with chalk on pavement.


Veterans for Worship  ||  2018 Partner


The military have devoted chaplains during their service, but what happens when they get out? If they're not connected to church, they have no one to reach out to, to find hope, and to connect with God and Jesus. Veterans For Worship is a team of Christian chaplains that help the military and veterans during their service time and after they get out of the military.

Veterans For Worship is a Christian church for veterans, military families, and anyone who loves the veteran and military community. We meet in person during chapel services, stand down events, and suicide prevention training providing prayer and resources to veterans. We partner with churches, VFWs, and other veteran service organizations and non-profits to provide spiritual support to the veteran community.

RTCNW would like to thank Veterans For Worship for providing Bibles, as well as visibility to the hope and healing from PTSD offered by the REBOOT Combat Recovery program.


Vision Beats Radio  ||  2018 Sponsor


Vision Beats Radio was started by Pastor Donald Moody in 2010. He wanted to bring a different message to our community, and Christian hip-hop was the vehicle in which to do so. He wanted to share the same hope he got from the music to those who didn't know God cared about what they were listening to. Vision Beats Radio was founded on the simple statement, "The Message is IN the Music," and hasn't let go of that motto. We are here to broadcast music that uplifts and inspires people to seek God, and grow in their relationship with him. We have, and will continue to be a platform where artists, new and established, are showcased and can connect with the listeners.

Respect the vendors. These are their images & logos, not yours.